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The iSYMED GmbH was founded in 1994 by the three partners Andreas Hieronymi, Gerhard Schumacher and Thomas Wirl in Butzbach, near Frankfurt/Main, Germany. The main scope of business is medical monitoring software systems (mainly dialysis monitoring), medical quality assurance systems und hardware components for safe data communication (e.g. data concentrators and network adapters which fulfill the stringent requirements for safety in medical environments) as well as non-invasive blood pressure monitors.

Our strengths are the high innovative power and the manifold competences of our employees who always orient on the latest developments in technology. This is a result of our efforts to build up know-how in our company not only in software development but also in hardware and special medical fields. We do not want one-sided specialists but employees who are ready to learn and keep up-to-date their overall understanding of the fields they are working in. Therefore the iSYMED GmbH does not see itself as a pure software design house only, but as a competence center in all questions concerning Information Technology in medicine and especially in dialysis.

On the other hand, our employees are continously encouraged to work professionally and reliably when dealing with our customers. We want our customers to feel well looked after. In our scope of business particularly there are a lot of varied interfaces between hardware and software systems or between different software systems. It is typical that the responsibility for eventual problems or failures is not always obvious. We lay claim to be somebody our customers can talk to if there is malfunctioning between components, even if it may not be in our direct area of responsibility. And we are willing to help within the realms of possibility in these situations.

The good reputation that the iSYMED GmbH has gained among experts in the years since its setting up in 1994 speaks for itself.


Product Video

See here the curent Nexa­dia product con­­cept­ion of B.Braun Avitum and get to know dialysis monitor­ing.

Universal patient scale Seca 685

The ideal scale for weigh­ing while standing sitting or in a wheel­chair.

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iSYLocalizerBigOur reliable tool for translations of .NET-­Appli­cations