Dial.Mon - Dialysis Monitor

Keep the overview - with Dialysis Monitoring from the specialists!

Because of the continuously growing medical and technical possibilities the quantity of data in dialysis centers increases all the time.Physicians and nursing staff are confronted every day with large volumes of information from dialysis specifications, settings, lab values, treatment data, device data, billing data and quality data. As the data are often highly relevant in respect to their consequences for health and financial impact, it is increasingly important to have suitable computer support.

Unburden yourself...

Forget all previous labour-intensive manual treatment protocols. Stop the aggravation of unreadable or insufficient notes. Dial.Mon takes over the numerous repetitive tasks in your daily routine. Ensure the advantages of an automatic and efficient treatment documentation!

Keep track ...

The Dial.Mon unit monitor provides a continously updated overview of all treatment activities. The monitor shows the current state of the treatments for each patient at any time. A simple mouse-click on the respective treatment symbol activates a detailed presentation of the automatically recorded measurements. Single measurements, e.g. weight and blood pressure measurements, are displayed online. Continuous measurements, e.g. data recorded by the dialysis device, are updated every minute. With the treatment check you can easily browse to the most important records of each current treatment before doctors' rounds.

Remain independent …

Dial.Mon ist unabhängig von Geräteherstellern und erfasst Gerätedaten von Patientenwaagen, Dialysegeräten, Blutdruckmessgeräten, Online-Analysen-Geräten. Dial.Mon ist das Monitoringsystem vom führenden Hersteller und besitzt eine direkte Ankopplung an Daten­bank Dialyse-Manager oder andere lokale Datenbanken.

Expect the best ...

The automated data acquisition of Dial.Mon guarantees complete and clear treatment reports which you can quickly access anytime - also long after treatment has been completed. Supplemented by your free text passages or with the help of self-defined standard comments you will guarantee yourself a high-quality treatment documentation which exactly meets all your dialysis requirements.

Gain some elbow room!

Dial.Mon undertakes all inconvenient routine tasks for you and systematizes your dialysis organisation. Thus you can save a lot of time which you can dedicate to the direct treatment of your patients. All this can improve working conditions for yourself and your staff and last but not least the well-being of your patients.

Stay on the safe side ...

Sensible assistant functions will support you. The automatic pre-settings of the dialysis device facilitate the handling of individual patient-related dialysis. The integrated UF assistant helps to avoid complications during the treatment by monitoring the maximum UF rate. The intelligent urea kinetics module enables you to identify the optimum dialysis dose reliably and quickly - and facilitates control of dialysis effectivity after the treatment.

Innovations that set standards
  • The innovative handling philosophy confers an optimal overview of what is going on in your dialysis unit. Intelligent 'MedIcons' show the state of things graphically and in an easily understandable way.
  • Dial.Mon supports the workflow of dialysis units by allowing suitable adaptations of the user interface.
  • Genuine thin client technology with an own browser reduces the total cost of ownership and guarantees safe data storage.
  • iSYMEDrouters permit the integration of patient scales, dialysis equipment, blood pressure measurement devices and analysis equipment. The computer cabling is standard without any special cables.
  • Dial.Mon offers direct integration with Dial.Man and can access dialysis prescription data, documentation, billing functions and  Dial.Man’s quality data directly.
  • Help functions for UF management and online Kt/V support quality assurance.
  • Transmittal of settings, messages and medication prescriptions to dialysis devices facilitate routine.

Please refer to our Dial.Mon brochure for further information.

An exact specification of the technical prerequisites is contained in our Technical Description.

In addition please note our collection of frequent questions and answers about Dialysis Monitor.


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