iSYMED Localizer for .NET

iSYLocalizerBigiSYMED Localizer is a lightweight localization tool for your .Net 1.1 and .Net 2.0 applications. Its main purpose is to enable a translator to create localized executables independent of the developers. iSYMED Localizer scans the target executables (normally files with type exe and dll), stores the text resources, both original text and localized texts, in an MS-SQL database and makes it easy to generate language resource executables on the fly.

iSYMED Localizer can be used for:

  • Creating localization projects independent of the developers
  • Detecting modifications in the original executables
  • Translating the texts in a modern environment
  • Generating localized executables for multiple languages
  • Building glossaries which help to minimize the translation work across projects.

If you want to know more details about iSYMED Localizer, download the iSYMED Localizer manual from the link below.

iSYMED Localizer is protected by a hardware dongle. Contact us for licensing terms and conditions.

You can download the iSYMED Localizer software and manual from the links below. To install the Localizer, unpack the zip archive to any temporary folder and run setup.exe.


localizer_setup_v1.6 HOT
Date 2014-11-28 File Size 6.31 MB Download 5082 Download
isylocalizer HOT

Translator's manual for iSYMED Localizer for .NET.

Date 2014-11-28 File Size 804.99 KB Download 5229 Download


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iSYMED Localizer

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